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How Worried Is the Market About Debt Default?

The press is looking for ways the drama over electing a Speaker of the House might impact the real world. They seem to have settled on it being a warning that a technical debt default is more likely. But there is a way to measure the likelihood of debt default in the Treasury bill market, and it is not showing much concern.... Read More


Monthly Fund Flows – Stock vs. Bond Flows

In past years we highlighted the world?s aging population and its need for low-risk investments, noting that inflows into bond mutual funds and ETFs topped those of stock funds over the past decade. This divergence really began accelerating in the past few years.... Read More


Quick Comments/What We’re Reading

Today's topics include hoping for a pivot, market stress, central banks cater to the markets, fighting inflation takes a long toll, asset managers in focus, the odds of a recession, more signs of stress on housing market, and updating the return to the office... Read More