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Coronavirus Charts for January 16, 2020 (Day 16)

Below is our collection of coronavirus charts updated through Day 16 of reporting, January 31, 2020. First An Observation – A Hard Arithmetic Limit In Virus Growth? Many news reports suggest that the Chinese are limited in their health facilities... Read More

China and the Global Supply Chain – Coronavirus May Drag China GDP Down to 4.5% in First Quarter Bloomberg Economics? model sees slowing from 6% last quarter Virus fallout could knock 0.1 point from U.S. and euro area China?s economy may grow just 4.5%... Read More

Coronavirus Growth Rates and Market Reactions

The growth in coronavirus infections has continued along a geometric progression for the last 12 days. While not overlooking the human tragedy, the markets have the difficult task of pricing an event that has a small chance of being devastating to global growth, but a more likely outcome of being contained.... Read More

The Recent History of Nomination Betting

Summary With the election still roughly a year away, there is plenty of time for candidates’ odds to shift. In fact, a look at recent history shows only two candidates who led at this point in the process in previous... Read More